The path from happy employees to happy customers

The path from happy employees to happy customers

People that like to help other people‘. If you are a customer service manager that’s the best environment that you may wish to build. As digital conversations are rapidly growing, when it comes to providing external support you also need to work internally by engaging and motivating your agents. So how can you achieve that? I’ve asked it to Sarah Metcalfe, Head of Customer Service at Sure Petcare, since she knows very well how to build a great place to work: where happy employees make customers happy.  

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  • 00:03 Welcome to episode n°18
  • 00:51 Getting to know Sarah Metcalfe from her own words
  • 01:21 From a start up to a best in class customer service
  • 02:21 The difference between customer service manager and chief happiness officer
  • 05:21 Customer service is made by [happy] people dealing with other people 
  • 08:21 Are you employees willing to / motivated to suggest improvements?
  • 10:35 Digital Customer Service is here to stay: learn about Sarah’s view
  • 16:53 Use technology to get rid of customer’s efforts / little frictions
  • 18:33 A sneak peek of Sarah’s speech at Customer Service & Experience Europe 2020
  • 21:07 Why expertise, empathy and speed are vital [and intertwined]
  • 23:29 How does Sarah feels about delivering online speeches
  • 25:19 How organizations shall focus and improve employees wellbeing
  • 29:01 The remote working scenario for happy customer service employees
  • 33:19 The new digital customer’s post-lockdown behaviors
  • 35:31 Where you can find Sarah online
  • 37:07 Have great conversations on


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