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Is your internal customer service that good?

If I asked you ‘who is the customer’ what would you answer? Chances are you’d focus on an external entity, person or company, that purchase your products / services. There’s also another customer you’d better consider though within your organization: your colleague working in a different department. So whenever you’re providing support to colleagues, you’re delivering [...]

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How to use social media to help and sell

When I chose CustomerServiceCulture’s payoff ‘conversations that sell’, I was thinking about social media. Today this motto has become reality for those who have leveraged interactions over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with their customers. How did they make it? Overcoming the rope game between marketing and customer service about who shall own social media. Accordingly, they’ve [...]

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Digital customer service managers gain momentum

A few weeks ago I’ve laser-focussed on what customer service managers need, to let their team master digital conversations. In fact social media, live chat, video chat and messaging apps are support channels with different engagement rules. Today, I’m closing the loop diving into main skill-gaps  affecting digital customer service managers and how to bridge [...]

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How to become a digital conversational master

Last week I attended a customer service conference in Milan, back in real person. As many companies were represented, I’ve had the opportunity to listen and learn about their Digital Customer Service journey: main steps, achieved results and next goals ahead. Most of them have made great cultural and operational improvements in a short span [...]

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What customer service managers won’t tell you

As I’ve worked for many years in organizations before moving to consulting, I know how customer service managers put lot of energies into their job. They’re people and results oriented and also aware of organizations’ urgency to take take quick, brave decisions, in order to stay competitive. They won’t tell you though all what they need, [...]

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