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2 deadly service skills misconceptions to avoid

Have you ever thought ‘it was so obvious, why in the world didn’t I realize it earlier?’ The fact is that sometimes things are clear, but we just don’t notice them because we’re focussed towards other directions. When it comes to delivering Digital Customer Service, chances are a similar situation takes place: underrating your support team’s [...]

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3 steps to boost video customer support

Financial Services, Health and Travel are just some of the industries that have increased investments in video customer service from the beginning of the pandemic on. As we are talking about screen to screen conversations with customers, the devil is in the details. That’s why I suggest you embrace the following approach if you want [...]

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Free your agents and customers will follow

Have you ever had a feeling of not growing up? Whatever the moment of your life or the reason why, you know that it’s not a nice sensation. If you start delivering Digital Customer Service from scratch, chances are you may have that kind of unpleasant feeling.  So if you have the responsibility of a [...]

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When live chat and messaging collide

During the last 2 years we’ve had a binge of digital support channels. As many brands have recorded strong online conversations volume peaks from the beginning of the pandemic on, they have introduced new channels such as live chat and messaging channels. Some organizations though are experiencing some mismatch between these two channels that are affecting overall [...]

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Why culture is hot as hell in customer service

I have to tell you. One of the most exciting aspects of my activity as Digital Customer Service consultant is having conversations with a vast array of organizations. Business belonging to various industries, sizes and of course different approach when it comes to customer relationships. As in the last 12 months many customer service managers [...]

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