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Most loved content of this year

As we get to the end of the year it’s time to take stock. In 2023 I’ve published several articles and podcast here covering two hot topics for many organizations: Digital Customer Service and Customer Culture. However since I’ve noticed that there are 7 most loved content, I’m going to showcase them here, should you [...]

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Building a conversational service model

When it comes to Digital Customer Service you can’t change things overnight. However, if you are a tenacious manager with a clear vision, purpose and goals, you can build up an effective conversational service model that works. Just like the special guest of this podcast, Darko Popovic, Chief Operations Officer at Multitude Bank. Darko shares [...]

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My new book: The Power of Digital Conversations

Today let’s make a toast because my new book ‘The Power of Digital Conversations’ is out! 🥂 I guess you’re pretty curious to know more: so why did I decide to write it? What are main topics? Why should you read it right away? I’m going to answer all these questions in the next few [...]

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3 issues that you can fix with training

Many organizations have introduced one or more digital support channels during the last 2-3 years. Unfortunately, some of them are suffering from conversational pain points leading to poor customer experiences. In particular there are three common issues that you can fix with training, by getting your customer service team up-skilled on specific engagement scenarios. [...]

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Be proactive to anticipate the customer

While speed is one of key ingredients in Digital Customer Service conversations, choosing the right words at the right time is paramount. From a support agents’ standpoint, that means being proactive in every single interaction to deliver superior experiences. So what are the mutual benefits when your front line team is able to anticipate the [...]

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