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Do you speak Digital Customer Service?

More and more organizations have realized that excellent and consistent Digital Customer Service is a key business driver. The smartest ones have focussed on conversations effectiveness, meaning taking care of each of them in details. That implies working on two aspects: tone of voice and, accordingly, up-skilling their agents turning them into digital conversation specialist. [...]

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Get customer service full potential unlocked

During the height of the crisis the UK Office of National Statistics announced that about 50% of employed adults were working from home. The CX community has been championing this shift for call centre staff for years but has now become a reality. Consequently this is the time for important decisions: customer service managers need [...]

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The path from happy employees to happy customers

‘People that like to help other people’. If you are a customer service manager that’s the best environment that you may wish to build. As digital conversations are rapidly growing, when it comes to providing external support you also need to work internally by engaging and motivating your agents. So how can you achieve that? [...]

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7 reasons to take care of digital conversations

Someone said that ‘the devil’s in details’. Well, when it comes to dealing with customers over channels such as social media, live chat or messaging, that’s damn true.  In fact digital conversations may be tricky because you have to carefully read what the customer has written, detect their sentiment and then craft your answer. There’s much [...]

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From agents to Digital Customer Service Assistants

“Once upon a call…” [unknown author, 2010] “One upon a chat…” [unknown author, 2020] These sentences sum up how customer support has dramatically changed in just a few years. In fact for the first time ever, customers call the tune deciding which digital channel use, when and how to use it. Consequently, many organizations have [...]

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