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The most urgent customer service call to action

Time waits for no oneIf you want to go onLeave me something to grow on - Time's up [Living Colour] People love using digital channels because they are easy to be used and FAST. In fact when it comes to asking for support sending tweets, Whatsapp messages or having live chat often is the best [...]

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Welcome to Customer Service Culture

Hello people, I'm Paolo Fabrizio and I'd like to give you my warmest welcome to the english version of Customer Service Culture! Brief story: I've launched this website back in 2013 and in a few years has become the home of Digital Customer Service in Italy. From today on, you can also enjoy great content [...]

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5 excuses blocking your Digital Customer Service

“We want to integrate digital channels into our customer service, but we don’t feel ready yet.” When I hear this sentence I try to understand the reasons that lead some brands to remain stuck in the starting blocks. I must say that in recent years I have heard many of them but that they’re actually [...]

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How to become Digital Customer Service Manager

Integrating digital channels into customer service implies knowing how to choose platforms, metrics, but also the right people to manage assistance through social media, live chat and messaging apps. Consequently, even the most experienced manager today needs to urgently acquire specific digital skills, given the period we are experiencing. To answer these wishes, I prepared [...]

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How to handle crisis situations over digital channels

A week has passed since my latest online course and yet today I am already launching a new one, the third. I prepared it in record time because you asked me urgently, given the high volume of digital conversations that many customer service / contact centers are managing, due to the current global situation. I [...]

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